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This page features information about Pope Francis in terms of recent articles, interviews and the like. 

The Pope is calling (1/4/2014):  Pope Francis has been drawing crowds with humility and cold calls to Catholics - including one to an order of nuns too busy to answer.  Read more...

Pope Francis is Time Magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year (12/11/2013)

Pope Francis’ Evanelii Gaudium Tackles Abortion and Religious Freedom (11/27/2013)

Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, is being scrutinzed for its teaching on abortion, and other  hot-button issues, by reporters and commentators who may wish to sustain the on-going narrative of a pontiff who asks us to choose between service to the poor and the defense of the unborn child.  The pope clearly rejects that false choice, and as he presents his plans for “a new phase of evangelization, one marked by enthusiasm and vitality,” he clearly wants the faithful to embrace both missions.  Read more...

Don’t be afraid of holiness (10/2/2013)

During his Wednesday general audience, Pope Francis urged thousands of pilgrims to recognize that although everyone is a sinner, it is possible to be holy because of God's grace.  “Do not be afraid of holiness, do not be afraid to aim high, to be loved and purified by God, do not be afraid to let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit,” he told those gathered in St. Peter's Square on Oct. 2.  Click here to see the article.

Interview with La Repubblica (10/1/2013)

Pope Francis has done it again: Just two weeks after the publication of a lengthy, detailed interview in which he expounded on his new vision for the church he has given another interview, this time with the atheist editor of an Italian daily.  Click here to see the interview.

Interview with America magazine (9/30/2013)

This interview with Pope Francis took place over the course of three meetings during August 2013 in Rome. The interview was conducted in person by Antonio Spadaro, S.J., editor in chief of La Civiltà Cattolica, the Italian Jesuit journal. Father Spadaro conducted the interview on behalf of La Civiltà Cattolica, America and several other major Jesuit journals around the world. The editorial teams at each of the journals prepared questions and sent them to Father Spadaro, who then consolidated and organized them. The interview was conducted in Italian. After the Italian text was officially approved, America commissioned a team of five independent experts to translate it into English. America is solely responsible for the accuracy of this translation. This interview is copyrighted by America Press and cannot be used, except for brief quotations, without written permission.  Click here to see the complete interview.